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06 November 2009 @ 06:50 pm
haven't been on here in a while. :)
how are you all? 

life for me could be a little less stressful, but you know, i'm better than i have been.
i just got over being sick this past week. >:(
but i'm better now! lol

so my parents just bought a wii fit plus...and it's so much fun.
i know it's just exercising and stuff, but it's in it's own way kinda cute,
and you forget that you're really exercising at all anyway.


life is so much harder when you're older.
i never thought that i would want to give up and cry so much in my life.
i get attacked from all angles; my friends, random people, my own family.

but i'ma be okay.
because getting through is what i do best.

just spilling what's on my mind.
i'll update again randomly.
maybe then i'll have some REALLY good news!
teehee C:
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Current Music: Nephilim - abingdon boys school